Legislative Update 4/2022


It’s been another incredibly productive session for protecting & improving Maine’s medical cannabis industry. We’re so proud to highlight that once again, TWO of the Maine Craft Cannabis Association’s bills have received nearly unanimous support in the House and the Senate and are off to the Governor.

LD 1784 completely walls off the program rules from extra-legislative changes (a technical change but hugely important one). Now rules may not be changed under any circumstances without affirmative Legislative approval.

LD 1928, a bill that also incorporated elements of the Maine Cannabis Coalition’s bill LD 1948 and that we worked TOGETHER with the Office of Marijuana Policy makes numerous improvements to the caregiver program.

See the bill ‘Summary’ and full text for details, but LD 1928 will:
– Enhance patient access
– Eliminate red tape for hiring employees
– Expand immature cultivation to 1,000 SF from 60 plants
– Allow cultivation operations at two sites instead of one
– Ensure Constitutional protections for patient privacy
– Allow caregivers to accept digital copies of IDs


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