Legislative Update 4/2022

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE! It's been another incredibly productive session for protecting & improving Maine's medical cannabis industry. We're so proud to highlight that once again, TWO of the Maine Craft Cannabis Association's bills have received nearly unanimous support in the House and the Senate and are off to the Governor. LD 1784 completely walls off the… Continue reading Legislative Update 4/2022

Maine Cannabis Council

Advocacy Groups Form The Cannabis Council of Maine

Contact: Jared Bornstein (207) 514-6007 jared.m.bornstein@gmail.com Alysia Melnick (207) 939- 4190 amelnick@bernsteinshur.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ON HEELS OF A CLEAR MANDATE FROM THE SUPER MAJORITY VOTE IN THE MAINE HOUSE & SENATE, ADVOCACY GROUPS FORM THE CANNABIS COUNCIL OF MAINE (AUGUSTA, ME. August 5, 2021) On Wednesday the Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine, Maine Growers… Continue reading Advocacy Groups Form The Cannabis Council of Maine